Guida per Principianti alla Degustazione del Vino: Semplici Consigli per Assaporare come un Esperto

Each of us has our own personal taste and favorite wine, but how much do we really know about the pleasure of tasting a wine to its full potential? Before immersing yourself in the art of wine tasting, there is a fundamental phase to face: the choice of the wine itself. It is important to select a wine that arouses your curiosity, taking into consideration the production year, the grape variety, the area of ​​origin and the alcohol content. These elements will give you an idea of ​​what you are going to taste and will make the experience even more rewarding and informative.

But let's move on to some practical tips for tasting in a professional way. We can use all the senses we have available to be able to perceive everything a wine has to tell us.

1. Touch

The first step in tasting wine is preparing the glass at the right temperature. For white wines, the ideal serving temperature is around 8-12  °C, while for red wines a temperature between 18 and 20 is recommended °C. However, it is always good to find out about the optimal temperature for that specific wine, as there can be variations based on the grape variety and production style.

2. Hearing:

After preparing your glass, listen carefully to the sound of the wine as you pour it into the glass and as you shake it lightly. Pay attention to the sound of the bubbles and their effervescence. This will give you an indication of the freshness and vitality of the wine.

3. Observe:

Observe carefully the color, reflections and consistency of the wine. Use a neutral background to notice color nuances and evaluate the wine's maturity.

4. Odor

Bring the glass to your nose and begin to perceive the aromas. Be attentive to fruity, floral, spicy and earthy notes. Let yourself be carried away by the aromas that emerge from the wine and discover its complexity.

5. Taste

Finally, savor. Take a small sip and let the wine spread across your tongue. Evaluate sweetness, acidity, tannins and persistence of flavor. Explore the balance and structure of the wine and see how it evolves in the glass.

With these simple tips, you are ready to explore the world of wine tasting with greater awareness and pleasure. Remember to take the time to appreciate each sip and continue to explore new wines. Furthermore, on Naviganti Store you can purchase TASTING BOXES at bargain prices, perfect for starting your journey into the world of wine.

Health and good tasting!

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