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TASTING BOX - Vittoria Alata line

TASTING BOX - Vittoria Alata line

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Explore the world of flavors with our Vittoria Alata Tasting Box. We present six fine wines selected from the renowned Vittoria Alata line, offering you a unique sensorial experience. This exclusive selection includes three distinct reds and three refined whites, to satisfy the tastes of true connoisseurs.

Red wines:

Montepulciano DOC : An Italian classic with a deep complexity of flavours, characterized by notes of ripe red fruits and a persistent finish.

Merlot PGI : Let yourself be conquered by this soft and velvety wine, with nuances of cherry and spices that will delight the palate.

Pinot Noir PGI : Elegant and delicate, this wine offers a bouquet of wild berries and a pleasant acidity, perfect for accompanying special moments.

White wines:

Pecorino PGI : A fresh and lively white with citrus notes and a pleasant minerality, ideal for aperitifs and fish dishes.

Sauvignon PGI : Explore the explosion of herbaceous and fruity aromas of this lively wine, with a perfect balance between freshness and complexity.

Chardonnay PGI : An elegant and creamy wine with delicate aromas of tropical fruit and a pleasant note of vanilla, which lends itself beautifully to accompanying white meat dishes and soft cheeses.

Immerse yourself in the art of tasting with the Vittoria Alata Box and discover the authentic pleasure of superior quality wines.

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