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Passerina Terre di Chieti PGI - Naviganti Line

Passerina Terre di Chieti PGI - Naviganti Line

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Explore the excellence of our Passerina Terre di Chieti PGI, an authentic gem from the Naviganti line, which promises to surprise and delight the senses with every sip, coming from one of Abruzzo's most fascinating native vines.

With its bright straw yellow color and golden reflections that capture the eye, Passerina exudes an aura of freshness and vitality, anticipating an extraordinary sensorial experience.

On the nose, it reveals an enveloping bouquet of fruity notes, including juicy peach, ripe apricot, sweet melon and a hint of almond, creating a fragrant harmony that invites discovery.

On the palate, it is slightly dry and savory, revealing a medium intensity and structure that make it the perfect accompaniment for spring dishes, but not only that, it lends itself magnificently to aperitifs or fish-based delicacies, offering a versatility that adapts to a variety of gastronomic nuances.

Discover the beauty and fascinating complexity of Passerina Naviganti, an authentic expression of the Abruzzo region, and let yourself be transported on a culinary journey that celebrates the art of wine in every sip. Let curiosity guide you towards a unique and unforgettable experience.

VINTAGE: 2023;



PRODUCTION AREA: Vineyards located in the hilly areas of Abruzzo

WINEMAKING: Coming from native Abruzzo vines, the final product of which is called raisin grapes

HARVEST: Manual, in the second and third ten days of September;

VINIFICATION: Crushing and soft pressing of the grapes, "debourbage" of the must at 10-12°C, addition of selected yeasts and fermentation of the clear must at 18°C ​​in steel tanks;

REFINEMENT - STORAGE: 1 month in steel tanks;

COLOR: Pale straw yellow, brilliant with slight greenish reflections;

BOUQUET: Intense, fresh and fruity.

TASTE: Fresh, delicate, medium-bodied and persistent;


GASTRONOMIC COMBINATIONS: Perfect with all fish-based dishes, from starters to main courses. Excellent with fresh or string cheeses. Also excellent as an aperitif.

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