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Pecorino Terre di Chieti PGI - 12 Nodi Line

Pecorino Terre di Chieti PGI - 12 Nodi Line

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Our Pecorino Terre di Chieti PGI, part of the prestigious 12 Nodi line, is a straw yellow wine, an authentic expression of the white grape variety from which it comes. This sunny wine offers intense and clear aromas that capture attention.

On the nose, Pecorino is very tasty, fresh and fragrant, with depth and a distinctive character that evoke the very essence of Abruzzo. Hints of fresh yellow pulp fruit emerge, a sumptuous and warm fruit that envelops the senses. The mineral and iodine notes, together with aromatic herbs such as thyme and marjoram, add complexity to this olfactory experience. Furthermore, a series of suggestions, including licorice, anise and mint, intertwine in an enveloping bouquet.

On the palate, Pecorino is like a work carved into the rocks, with a strong acidity, a broad structure, an alcohol that gives strength and a good roundness. It's sharp, but never rude. The persistence and depth of this wine are impressive, and every perception is amplified. Pecorino is a wine with character, bold and decisive, which does not aim for subtle finesse but offers extraordinary fullness.

Discover the excellence of Pecorino Terre di Chieti PGI and prepare for an intense and unforgettable tasting experience.

VARIETIES AND VINES : Pecorino 100%;

PRODUCTION AREA : Vineyards located in the cooler areas of the territory south of the Abruzzo region with predominantly northern exposure;

SOIL – ALTITUDE: Medium texture clayey soil, loose and fresh with an altitude of 100-150 meters above sea level;

HARVEST : In the period following the first week of October, selecting the best grapes;

VINIFICATION : Destemming of the grapes and contact of the skins with the must for 8 hours at a temperature of 18° C, separation of the must from the skins and its clarification by decantation, transfer of the clear must into a steel tank for alcoholic fermentation at a temperature of 16°;

REFINEMENT : 4 months in steel tanks of which 1 month in contact with the fine lees, refinement in bottle for approximately 10 days before release for consumption. Store at a temperature of 12°-14° C;

COLOR : Straw yellow, pale, bright;

BOUQUET : Delicate bouquet with floral sensations and notes of ripe tropical fruit;

TASTE : Harmonious, balanced, soft and fresh with medium body and persistence;


GASTRONOMIC COMBINATIONS : Perfect as an aperitif and fish-based dishes, it can also be combined with cheeses and soups.

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