Love for our land is one of the values ​​that distinguishes us. We have our sights set on the future of the next generations. These are the basis of our business, starting from the production chain, up to the heart of the consumer

Aware that every action we take, whether small or large, for an environmental cause can only have a positive outcome. For this reason we have undertaken an innovative path for the management of our shipments. Proud to be able to provide eco-responsible order management for both B2B networks and the network intended for private individuals.

Our commitment to sustainable mobility and environmental responsibility is firm in the face of the European Union's objectives for the reduction of CO2 emissions by 2030/2050. We have decided to act and encourage a co-responsible attitude towards transport. For this reason we carefully choose the companies we collaborate with.

Our packaging, including the use of 'secure boxes', entirely made of cardboard, is an eco-friendly choice. In addition to being recyclable and degradable, they also offer practical design and optimal safety, ensuring that wine bottles arrive intact at the recipient. Choosing our packaging means making a conscious choice for the good of the environment and future generations.