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Chardonnay PGI - Vittoria Alata Line

Chardonnay PGI - Vittoria Alata Line

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Our Chardonnay PGI from the prestigious Vittoria Alata line invites you on an unprecedented sensorial journey, enveloping you with its complexity and refinement.

This very high quality Chardonnay is the result of careful processing that results in a bouquet that seduces the senses with sweetish notes of fresh pear, vanilla and a buttery nuance that envelops you in an embrace of pleasure.

Its seductive softness and lively freshness come together in a harmonious balance that dances on the palate, giving you an unforgettable tasting experience with every sip.

Perfectly suited to refined food pairings, this Chardonnay pairs beautifully with fine fish, poultry dishes and creamed pasta, taking the culinary art to new heights of excellence.

Its versatility and refinement make it an ideal companion to enrich every tasting moment with timeless elegance, transforming every occasion into an experience to remember. Discover the complexity and elegance of Chardonnay Vittoria Alata, the result of excellent craftsmanship and meticulous care at every stage of the production process. Let yourself be carried away by a sensorial journey that enhances the fine quality of this white wine, giving you refinement and pleasure with every sip


VARIETIES AND VINES: Chardonnay 100%;


HARVEST: In the period following the first week of October, upon reaching technological and phenolic maturity by selecting the best grapes;

VINIFICATION: Destemming of the grapes and contact of the skins with the must for 8 hours at a temperature of 18° C, separation of the must from the skins and its clarification by decantation, transfer of the clear must into a steel tank for alcoholic fermentation at a temperature of 16° C.;

REFINEMENT - STORAGE: 4 months in steel tanks of which 1 month in contact with the fine lees, refinement in the bottle for approximately 10 days before being released for consumption. Store in a cool place at a temperature of 12°-14° C;

COLOR: Straw yellow, pale, bright;

BOUQUET: Delicate, fine bouquet, with floral sensations and fresh notes of ripe tropical fruit;

TASTE: Harmonious, balanced, soft and fresh with medium body and persistence;


GASTRONOMIC COMBINATIONS: Dishes based on fish, seafood, poultry, hard cheeses and light appetizers. It is also suitable as an aperitif.

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