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Terre di Chieti PGI Rosé - Naviganti Line

Terre di Chieti PGI Rosé - Naviganti Line

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Our Rosato Terre di Chieti PGI, part of the Naviganti line of the same name, is a hymn to elegance and sensorial pleasure. This wine captivates with its pink color, anticipating an extraordinary experience.

At the first sip, the Rosé reveals a fresh and deeply fruity aroma that captures the senses. Initially, floral scents reveal their beauty, leaving room for fruity hints that recall the sweetness of cherry and raspberry.

On the palate this wine is a dance of freshness, slightly savory, which enchants with its balance. A pleasant bitter-sweet contrast adds refinement to every sip.

The Rosato Naviganti is the perfect choice for an elegant aperitif, but is equally suitable for other special occasions. With its delicacy and lively freshness it goes beautifully with a wide range of light and refined dishes. Excellent to accompany fresh appetizers, summer salads, fish and shellfish dishes, fresh cheeses and grilled vegetable dishes. These culinary pairings will enhance its complexity and freshness, creating a memorable gastronomic experience in every sip.

VINTAGE: 2023;



PRODUCTION AREA: Vineyards located in the hilly areas of the Sinello valley;

HARVEST: Manual, in the first ten days of October;

VINIFICATION: Crushing of the grapes and soft pressing, static sedimentation of the free-run must at low temperatures, separation of the clear must and fermentation in steel tanks at a temperature of 16-18 °C with inoculation of selected yeasts;

REFINEMENT - STORAGE: Destemming and contact of the skins with the must for 4 hours at a temperature of 20 °C. The free-run must that drips from the skins is decanted and fermented with selected yeasts at a temperature of 18°C ​​in steel tanks. Conservation lasts 3-4 months;

COLOR: Bright and lively rosé, typical of ripe cherries (“cerasa”);

BOUQUET: Fresh and pleasantly fruity;

TASTE: Soft, round and harmonious taste with medium body and persistence;


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