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PECORINO TASTING BOX - Nvmidio line, 12 Nodi, Michelangelo

PECORINO TASTING BOX - Nvmidio line, 12 Nodi, Michelangelo

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Welcome to the fascinating world of Pecorino, where the roots of Abruzzo manifest themselves in three different interpretations of this grape variety. In this selection of wines, you will discover the versatility and complexity of Pecorino. From Pecorino Michelangelo , with its fruity profile and freshness, to Pecorino 12 Nodi, with its accentuated flavor, up to the excellence of Pecorino D'Abruzzo DOC Nvmidio with its impeccable balance.

Each of these wines offers a unique perspective on the diversity of Pecorino, with characteristics that capture the territory and tradition of Abruzzo. This selection is an invitation to explore the charm of this vine and to discover the art of food and wine pairing. Whether you are a wine expert or an enthusiast looking for new discoveries, this tasting will take you on an unforgettable sensorial adventure.

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