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Pecorino Terre di Chieti PGI - Naviganti Line - BOX OF 6 BOTTLES

Pecorino Terre di Chieti PGI - Naviganti Line - BOX OF 6 BOTTLES

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Characterized by its vivid straw yellow colour, Pecorino Terre di Chieti PGI from Linea Naviganti is a fine wine. With an incredible variety of fruity aromas ranging from citrus to tropical fruit, from white peach to papaya and grapefruit, this white grape variety will win you over with its authentic sensorial journey.

The flavor of Pecorino persists in a surprising way and is fresh, completed by a slightly balsamic finish that gives complexity. An extraordinary tasting experience is generated by the impeccable balance of its marked freshness and good structure, where acidity and flavor blend perfectly. The level of persistence and softness of this wine is truly impressive.

Starters and roast fish find a perfect match in Pecorino, which goes equally well with raw fish and first courses. The indelible mark left by this wine is due to its celebration of fresh aromas and its unique freshness, which make the tasting experience truly special.

Designed to please all palates, the set of 6 bottles is the ideal option to fully enjoy the splendid quality of Pecorino Linea Naviganti at an affordable price, enriching our moments in company.




PRODUCTION AREA: Vineyards located in the cooler areas of the Sinello valley area, with predominantly northern exposure;

HARVEST: In the period following the first week of October, upon reaching technological and phenolic maturity by selecting the best grapes;

VINIFICATION: Destemming of the grapes and contact of the skins with the must for 8 hours at a temperature of 18° C, separation of the must from the skins and its clarification by decantation, transfer of the clear must into a steel tank for alcoholic fermentation at a temperature of 16° C.;

REFINEMENT - STORAGE: 4 months in steel tanks of which 1 month in contact with the fine lees, refinement in the bottle for approximately 10 days before being released for consumption. Store in a cool place at a temperature of 12°-14° C;

COLOR: Straw yellow, pale, bright;

BOUQUET: Delicate, fine bouquet, with floral sensations and fresh notes of ripe tropical fruit;

TASTE: Harmonious, balanced, soft and fresh with medium body and persistence;


GASTRONOMIC COMBINATIONS: Appetizers and fish-based dishes, light and summer dishes. Also ideal for an aperitif.

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