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Ianniuliassi prowine srl



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To further enrich your pleasure, we present the Gran Cuvée Box: an exclusive package containing 6 bottles. By purchasing the Box, in addition to guaranteeing you a richer assortment of sensory experiences, you will also have the opportunity to save. A perfect way to best enjoy moments of relaxation or to add a touch of elegance and freshness to your social gatherings.
The versatility of these bubbles makes them ideal companions for a wide range of occasions. Whether you love dry flavors or prefer something fruitier, our selection offers options that will satisfy every palate.
From the lively acidity that pairs perfectly with seafood and shellfish, to the way it enhances the delicacy of salmon and contrasts the creaminess of cheeses, the Gran Cuvée presents itself as an ideal companion for your culinary experiences. Discover the authentic pleasure of our Franciacorta Brut and let yourself be won over by its extraordinary harmony of flavours.

VINTAGE: 2023;

VARIETIES AND VINES: Passerina and Cococciola;


PRODUCTION AREA: Vineyards located in the hills of the Abruzzo hinterland, where the Passerina and Cococciola grapes find ideal ripening conditions;

HARVEST: Harvest of the grapes manually at the end of August, when they have reached full aromatic and sugary ripeness;

VINIFICATION: Soft pressing of the grapes, fermentation at a controlled temperature in stainless steel to preserve the primary aromas, followed by a second fermentation with the Charmat method, where the base wine is placed in autoclaves to ferment with selected yeasts at a temperature of approximately 14 -16°C for 3-4 weeks;

REFINEMENT - STORAGE: Refinement in autoclaves for at least 2-3 months on the yeasts before being released for consumption. Store in a cool place at a temperature of 6°C - 8°C;

COLOR: Bright straw yellow with golden reflections;

BOUQUET: Fresh and floral, with notes of white flowers and citrus fruits, followed by hints of green apple and pear, and light nuances of aromatic herbs;

TASTE: Dry and fresh, with a pleasant acidity and a fine and persistent perlage. Fruity taste with hints of white peach and grapefruit, and a light note of bread crust at the finish;


GASTRONOMIC COMBINATIONS: Perfect as an aperitif or accompaniment to raw fish dishes, light appetizers, salads and fish-based first courses. It also pairs well with sushi and tempura.

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